2023-2024 Enrollment Information Below

London School of Dance Audubon Village Shopping Center 565 West Oates Road, Suite 105 Garland, Texas 75043 972-686-1966

Dance Attire

Students are expected to wear appropriate attire according to dress code; no jewelry should be worn. Casual clothing is not allowed and a student may have to sit out of class if not dressed appropriately. Hair should be secured and worn neatly either in a bun or pony tail for all classes. Good grooming and pride in appearance is stressed to build self-esteem and confidence in the dance tradition.

With permanent marker, clearly write your child’s name in ALL dancewear and shoes. We cannot be responsible for lost items!

Target or Walmart ballet shoes are not suitable. Students must have the brand of shoe recommended by their teacher. Sandy’s Shoes and Dancewear (214) 321-1764 is our recommended source for dancewear and shoes. They have a complete listing of supplies for our studio, and will fit your children’s shoes professionally. They are located in the Casa View Shopping Center. Click here for a map.

Our Sandy's Shoes and Dancewear private studio fitting for our students at the dance studio will be Wednesday, August 14th from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. They will bring all of the dancewear and shoes you will need for the upcoming year.


Early Childhood Classes

  • Ages 3-4 & 4-5: Solid Pink leotard, your choice, any brand - no patterns, sequins, or tutus. Chiffon ballet skirt optional. Theatrical pink tights or thin, white ankle socks. Pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes with black elastic for ties.


  • Beginner Levels: Lavender leotard from Sandy’s with pink tights. Short chiffon skirts are optional. Pink leather ballet shoes. No split.
  • Higher Levels: Intermediate/Advanced levels: Black leotard with pink tights. Please check with your teacher before purchasing shoes.

Tap & Jazz

  • Same leotards as Ballet, worn with dance shorts, jazz pants, or leggings. Ask teachers for tap shoe style and preference. Beige jazz shoes.


  • Basic leotards, black cotton footless tights or leggings. Barefoot.

Hip Hop

  • Same leotards as ballet, jazz, or tap - worn with dance shorts, jazz pants, or cotton leggings. Only new sneakers may be worn in the dance studio for hip hop class. To protect our dance flooring, sneakers worn outside will not be allowed in the dance studios.

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2023-2024 Enrollment Information


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